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Life Science Chemicals

Merck Life Science Chemicals

The Life Science chemicals segment is a research-driven part of the business, dealing in manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of goods and services under Merck KGaA (EMD Millipore, Merck Millipore, Sigma), a globally renowned life science company and an important strategic partner to our business.

Under this strategic partnership, we offer over 300,000 products for applications and solutions, all structured under various segments at Merck. We also connect our clients to the 6 top leading brands under Merck:

Sigma Aldrich ®

Under this brand, we offer Merck's efficiently designed lab and production materials, helping our clients make breakthrough scientific advancements and seamlessly connect to success.

Milli-Q ®

Under this brand, we are offering lab water solutions of Merck that add undefeated reliability and accuracy to our clients' work. All the products ensure minimal wastage of time and materials, while the quality and performance remain compliant with the standards at Merck

Supelco ®

We are offering Merck’s top quality-controlled analytical products and dedicated service support under this brand, offering our clients precise and reproducible results that effortlessly maintain the integrity of their testing protocols.

Millipore ®

We connect our clients to the leading quality services and products under Merck for preparation, separation, filtration, and monitoring processes that ensure consistency and reliability of results.

BioReliance ®

We bring end-to-end solutions and experienced support to Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals for an array of possibilities such as drug discovery, testing processes, manufacturing, and development, all rooted in the principle of superior quality and risk minimization.


Bringing pharma and biopharma products to market requires a trusted raw materials expert who can support you with exactly the products, services and expertise you need.

That is why we created the SAFC ® portfolio of custom and ready-to-use critical raw material solutions.

Merck Electronics (Performance Material)

We are connecting clients to superior quality electronic equipment, materials, and services from Merck, for scientific advancement through a portfolio of:


A sophisticated range of equipment transforming the electronic industry.


A diverse variety of energy-saving products to contribute to sustainable living.


An abundance of technologies and products to facilitate the advancement of the automotive industry.


A plethora of cosmetic ingredients and pigments, elevating the experience of beauty.

Effect Pigments

A wide-ranging portfolio of vibrant pigments and hues, making the world artistically colorful.

Functional Solutions

An array of skilled experts for functional solutions and durable optical effects, adding value to technology functionality.

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